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Laser Projectors

Horizon projectors

This line of universal laser projectors has been designed with connectivity, performance, size and robustness in mind. All projectors are built around ScanMaster projector control boards that provide all external interfaces, drive internal components and monitor power, temperature and failures.

All projectors are equipped with ethernet interfaces and can be operated digitally with data streams sent across the network. Locally stored data can be used as well. Some models have alternative analog inputs. Local interfaces for DMX512 and RS232 can be used to operate devices like fog machines, screens and fans.

Horizon /LT

Miniaturized white light laser projector based on DPSS lasers and laser diodes. The scanning system is 6210 scanners and DC900 digital driver boards from CTI.

Horizon /XL

Modular laser projector based on fiber coupling, laser diodes or solid-state lasers. The scanning system is 6210 scanners and drivers from CTI.

Horizon /FC

Miniaturized laser projector based on fiber coupling. The scanning system is 6210 scanners from CTI and miniaturized driver boards.


Dual head laser projector for industrial applications. The system is dust-proof and splash-proof according to IP54. It is well suited for industries such as leather and textile processing that have lots of dust due to cutting.


Motherboard for laser projectors. Analog and digital inputs/outputs for all signals used in the projector. Versatile through fast communication interfaces, many analog converters and the use of programmable logic. ScanMaster3 is the successor of the award winning ScanMaster2 laser projector control board. Through its versatility and in-house assembly the board could also be used as a prototype for new projects.